Expiry of a KAMBO session

Most people first experience a major heat wave in the upper body and face, followed by
an elevated blood pressure.
Then comes a point where all people react in different ways.
Some feel dizzy, dizzy or as if packed in cotton. Some have a swollen face
or lips or feel a slight tingling sensation on the skin.

Kambo then scans our body, so to speak, to find problems and equals them
to process. There may then be pulsating or slightly burning sensations in these areas
occur for a short time.
is not psychoactive and does not produce any hallucinations!

Some people get insights and even messages for a healthier life.

Then all toxins are excreted in the form of vomiting. This process is physical
and emotionally tiring, so a rest is appropriate and important at this point.
After about an hour everything feels better and you can drink some tea with honey.
Also light food (vegetarian) is possible again.
After 24 hours and a deep sleep, the real benefits begin to be felt.


After removing the medicine (beads), the open skin with "Sangre de Drago"
Drizzled (resin of the dragon tree). This resin acts antiseptic, aids healing, produces
a latex-like plaster, thus protecting the openings. After a day, a small crust forms.
Once the healing process is complete, small visible scars remain and then over time
fading. Of course, this depends on the skin color and its structure.
Most people see these Kambo scars as a badge of honor

These openings or gates can be used several times after some months.










































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Kambo Scars (Gates)

Kambomedizin beads