Holy frog medicine KAMBO

KAMBO is not a hallucinogen, rather it is a booster for our immune system. It is used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon to this day to free themselves from Panema (dark clouds / energy).
It gives new vitality, clarity, endurance and cleanses the whole body deep into the cells.
Also, Kambo is known for a profound healing effect on the mental and emotional level.
Traditionally, the Indians also use Kambo in hunting to be "invisible."
The human smell is almost imperceptible to the wild by the "Medicina sagrada" (holy medicine). In addition, thirst and hunger are suppressed and the stamina increased enormously.

traditional medicine, Kambo is also used against:


        - Fever
        - infections
       - snake bites
       - infertility






In the Western world, science has been researching the mystery of the frog's secret for some 20 years
to decode. Some ingredients (called peptides) make this medicine one of the strongest
Painkillers on this planet! It has antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In western medicine, Kambo is used in the following conditions:

       -Inflammation, to regulate blood pressure
       - depression, anxiety,
       - Candida, migraine, blood circulation problems,
       - Parkinson's, hepatitis, diabetes,
       - vascular problems, rheumatism, HIV, Alzheimer's,
       -Fertility problems, chronic diseases, chronic pain,
       - chronic fatigue syndrome and general addiction problems

  Individual cancer cells were even killed off.

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