Effect of KAMBO

Much is also possible on the mental and emotional level. KAMBO opens new ways for us
helps us to overcome obstacles and blockages.
KAMBO frees our energy field, re-aligns our chakras, allowing us to break negative habits and increasingly think and act in a natural way.
Spiritually, KAMBO works as a mystical green light.

Application of the KAMBO




With the help of a little glowing wooden stick, small burn marks are produced on the skin.
The resulting bubbles are then removed with a tissue.
Small beads of frog medicine are then placed on these openings (gates called).
The number of these gates varies from person to person, depending on individual needs.

Through the skin openings, the medicine then passes directly into our lymphatic system. A complex one
System that belongs to our immune system, consisting of organs and vessels that produce a lymphatic fluid in which the frog medicine is transported.

Kambo should only be administered with a properly trained person in one treatment.
















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