Rapé Ceremony  ( indigenous holy snuff )

This  wonderful natural medicine also works like Kambo on our spiritual level.

Rapé or Ha-Pay (holy snuff) as it is also called, is used by some indigenous people

of the Amazone used to ciônnect with their great spirit (Yushibu).

With the help of a Tepi, Kuripe (tube of bamboo or osseous bone)  the sacred tabacco

will get blowed to the nose for the receivnig person.

Traditionelly sitting first in the left nostril above the heart and then inthe right.

it can cause nausea, sneezing and watery eyes. This tabacco has nothing in common

with our commercial one here. He can be up to 20x stroger.

it consists of the ashes of a tree ( pau pereira/ Platycamaus regennelli) and others

ingredients such as: herps, medical plants, other barcs, or seeds.

The is also a mixture without tabacco its called apurina.

The Rapé varies depending on the tribe and ritual.

It frees us from Panema ( negative troughts, influences, bad luck. ) dark clouds

as the indians sall it. It harmonizes our chakras, loosens blocades, refreshes and energizes. He connect us again with mother Erath (Panchamama) and relaxed.

The third eye can be opened and the pinal gland is cleaned. ( guess)

Toxins that sit in the mucous membranes and frontal sinuses

are excreted with the mucus.

Tepi /Aplikator /  Bambus

Made with Love  by Cris Chandra Kambo

Kuripe / Selbstaplikator / Bambus

Made with Love by Cris Chandra Kambo

Rapé Ceremonys with holy snuff

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Tepi / Kuripe
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