Preparation / Contra-indications

Please read this page carefully :-))

KAMBO is a powerful medicine with many proven benefits for a wide range of physical and
emotional help offers help.

I ask you to discuss all your current and past health problems with me,
before you receive this wonderful medicine.















Unfortunately, clients of the following categories are not allowed to receive KAMBO.

- people with severe heart disease,
- who had a stroke,
- take medicines for low blood pressure,
- who have or have had aneurysms or a blood clot,
- who do not have the mental capacity to decide to receive KAMBO
- people with severe mental health problems, such as psychosis, bipolar disorder,
      except for weak depressions,
- take the immunosuppresives to reduce their immune system, for example
      after an organ transplant,
- who wear a plaster after a bone fracture
- Women who are or might be pregnant
- lactating mothers with a child younger than 6 months
- persons under 18 years

Please let me know if you belong to one of the following categories
     to accompany you individually.

- if you had chemotherapy. It is only possible 4 weeks after the treatment
      Kambo to receive
- if you have alcohol or drug addiction
- People who have had fasting, enemas or a liver rinse or similar
- who have made a water based detox within the last 7 days or
      intend to do this
- who suffer from epilepsy
- suffering from liver cirrhosis
- HIV are positive
- have disorders
- suffering from multiple sclerosis
- Athletes or sports fans undergoing an intesive physical training






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